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Toveko is a global manufacturer of innovative products for water and sewage treatment aswell as effective energyproduction. Tovekos products are being used all over the world by satisfied customers.

In the field of water treatment, expert knowledge and design at the leading edge of technology are essential. With over 30 years experience HH Toveko is considered as one of the worlds leaders in this technology. HH Toveko is owned by committed technichians with their main common interest in development of smart products and systems made of stainless steel for water and sewage treatment. We are constantly working in the process of developing new products and improve the existing ones.








The TOVEKO CX sand filter.

The TOVEKO CX continuous filter is a novel
method of suspended solids removal using
sand filtration. It may be used with or without
chemical precipitation according to the
application, and is well suited for tertiary
filtration in both sewage and industrial waste
water treatment applications..

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